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President's Report – December 2013

Rotary1314LogoDon’t you just love this 80 degree weather, sporting the flip flops and tank tops again!? WHO AM I KIDDING? I think I saw a polar bear in my back yard this morning, migrating south for warmer weather. This global warming thing really put a damper on my winter golf schedule. Well gang we are officially six months into the regime with only six more to go (hold the applause Dixon and Bodwell). At the December 7th club assembly, the membership voted to update our by-laws which passed unanimously. Pam Curtis and Pam Wagoner were voted back onto the board of directors, while Robin Zanotti was voted to be President-Elect and Brian Joliff was voted to be Vice-President (Program Chair) Be sure to introduce yourself to our new member Sandy Hamilton, the program manager at the Development Authority (Even though she was sponsored by Steve Christian we gave her the benefit of the doubt and approved her membership, Welcome to Rotary, Sandy).

Looking Back

Todd Johnson organized the Salvation Army Bell Ringing over the Holidays, and his volunteers included Ryan Perks, Vicki Barnard, Ross & Pam Curtis, Bill Wortley, Marilyn Schoon, Jay Rutkowski, Pam Wagoner, Pat Woodson, and Doug Arndt, as well as James and Kim Lanager. Thank you to all who volunteered and gave your time for this worthy cause. Pam Wagoner, Penny Porter and Kevin Knowles pulled off another exceptional Santa Breakfast. Our Christmas dinner went extremely well, and the entertainment by the Blue and Grey choir was quite a hit. Plus I heard the best looking guy in the room won the special 50/50. (Kinda rules out  Rutkowski and Flemming…)

Looking Forward

January is Rotary Awareness Month on the Rotary calendar so let’s all try to bring Rotary up in a conversation as part of our daily routine. All the good we do locally and internationally is really something to boast about to our friends, family and associates. In two weeks we will be holding our signature event, The Kelley Kisner Taste of the Panhandle. The committee and its leaders (Gail and Pam) have outdone themselves once again with record breaking attendance, sponsorship and auction items. Kathy Mason couldn’t be swayed by my “But I’m the president ” speech when I needed more tickets for the sold out event. The work and volunteer hours that have been put into the planning is truly remarkable. If you don’t have tickets, don’t worry, that good looking guy I was talking about earlier may just scalp his in the parking lot prior. (Guess that rules out Sirbaugh and McCormick too.)

Club Snapshot 

Membership (As of Dec 31)140No Gain
Attendance48%Loss of 1%
Foundation Giving (As of Dec 31)$12,213.8587.24% of Goal
Dues Paid (As of Dec 31)6 members past due  12% of members still owe for this past quarter88% of Membership up-to-date
Engagement (YTD)82%82% of Goal

Vocational Service
  • I am pleased to announce that our club has nominated Herman Dixon to be an applicant for District Govenor. Herman will have to pass in depth background checks, rigorous physical challenges and hours of thorough questioning regarding his knowledge of Rotary. However we are quite confident out of the dozens of applicants we are proudest of him. Herman, it is our privilege to have you as a member and wish you luck in the process. (Looking at the membership, our other qualified candidates like Stover, Roach or Curtis couldn’t really compete in the looks department.)
Club Service
  • Our new updated By-Laws were approved by a member vote on December 7th.
  • Doug Arndt is STILL working on updating all the birthdays and pictures on
Youth Service
  • The Spring Mills and Musselman Interact clubs will be our program one Thursday in the next month or so where we will present each club with a $1000 check.
  • January is Martinsburg month for our student guests.
International Service
  • Great News! Buzz Poland has found a host family for the first 6 months of this year for our exchange student.
  • Our foundation was amazing in 2013, and we have ear-marked $2500 to the district Ecuador water project and $7500 to the orphanage in Ecuador.
Community Service
  • Past President Pam Wagoner, Gail Moxley, Kathy Mason and their amazing committees for TOP 2014 have two weeks left to finalize preparations for our signature event.
  • Todd Johnson did an awesome job organizing the Bell Ringing
  • Penny Porter and Pam Wagoner served over 100 people at the Santa Breakfast where Santa Knowles was truly inspired the kids to be on the nice list.

Yours in Service ,
Da Prez

– Mike Hornby