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Rotary Club of Martinsburg - Martinsburg WV / Grapevine  / October 17, 2013 – Meeting Roundup

October 17, 2013 – Meeting Roundup

This week we are going on a field trip to Quad/Graphics. To get there from Martinsburg, take Route 9 west and turn right at the second red-light past I-81 on to General Motors Access Road. At the end of the road, turn right onto Caperton Boulevard. Follow Caperton Bouelevard to the end and take a left at the flagpoles.
As we arrive, we will be directed to a meeting room where sandwiches, chips and beverages will be available. The Plant Manager will do a presentation on the layout of the facility and general information while we’re eating. We will then break into groups of 10 for the tour. If we have any members that do not wish to take the tour (it’s a lot of walking), they will go to an imaging room for a separate presentation.
Anyone taking the tour must have closed-toe and closed-back shoes. ABSOLUTELY no sandals!
Quad/Graphics has been a breakaway company since Day One. The late Harry V. Quadracci founded the company in 1971 with the belief that doing things differently – and better – could propel a tiny upstart into an industry-leading printer. Today, Quad/Graphics is a leading global provider of print and multi-channel solutions for consumer magazines, special interest publications, catalogs, retail inserts/circulars, direct mail, books, directories, and commercial and specialty products with 50-plus print-production facilities on three continents. Their employees are encouraged to think and act like owners and innovate solutions that push print’s boundaries to strengthen its value to clients.
As a printing industry innovator, they are committed to redefining the power of print in a multimedia world. They have ramped up the aggressiveness of ink on paper by strategically applying data to create targeted, relevant print messages and then connect those messages with other forms of digital, mobile, electronic and online media. This way, marketers and publishers can get the right message to the right person at the right time to maximize response and revenues.
02_OurStory_HEAD[1]Quad/Graphics is the embodiment of one man’s dream to find “a better way.” That man was Harry V. Quadracci (left in the white shirt), a man who has come to be celebrated as much for his printing industry accomplishments as for his forward-thinking management philosophies. Using a $35,000 second mortgage on his home and capital raised from a handful of associates, Harry launched Quad/Graphics on July 13, 1971, in an abandoned millwork factory in Pewaukee, Wis. While the company’s beginnings were humble — survival hinged on a rented press and a borrowed binder — Harry and his 11 co-founders agreed to build a business unlike any for which they had ever worked.
Quad/Graphics’ success was neither immediate nor easy. As with most new concerns, the first years were lean and print jobs were few and far between. With patience and a can-do attitude — a characteristic that continues to distinguish us from other printers — work slowly trickled in, but usually only because no other printer would take it.
Quad/Graphics’ big break came when we landed Newsweek in 1978. A turning point for our fledgling company, the weekly magazine work enabled us to establish a consistent workload and the opportunity to prove ourselves as a quality-minded, innovative print services provider.

WV Treasurer

John D. Perdue, the state’s 24th Treasurer, talked about many of the programs offered by the state.  The Smart 529 Savings Plan, for instance, is a way to save in a tax free plan for your children and grandchildren. He explained that it was extremely flexible and the funds could be applied to grad school as well as other children or grandchildren. If you have missing property such as an old savings account, you can go to and may be able to find it. The office also helps with the education of young people in financial affairs to help them avoid some of the pitfalls they might encounter. His office is also going electronic.  Checks will become a thing of the past as payments are made electronically or by debit card.


Answer to last week’s question:
Career information is considered to be a Vocational Service activity because in sharing their experience with youth seeking information, Rotarians can stress the service opportunities in their occupation.
This week’s question:
Rotary hosts the Bob Elmer Sports Breakfast at the Apple Harvest Festival every year. Who was Bob Elmer?  

Rhea Harless and Tyler Mason were our two student guests from Martinsburg High School.  Rhea Harless was a summer exchange student from our club.

Karen Burkhart from the Sunrise club and Kenneth Mann from the Shepherdstown club were our two visiting Rotarians.
Tina Combs brought Sharon Kisner, communications coordinator with Berkeley County schools; and Leah Daniel who is also a communications coordinator with the schools.  They were at the meeting to receive a check for $1,000 from the club. (I still want to know who forged Mike Hornby’s signature on the check.  His handwriting isn’t that good.) Mike Comer, Duty Treasurer, Records Management and Law Enforcement, was a guest of the club. Bill Yearout brought Tom Vogel, Director of Financial Education in the State Treasurer’s Office.
Penny Porter is asking for small items to be given as gifts to the children who attend Breakfast with Santa.  Th e breakfast is December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day), so it’s only a little over a month away.
Tickets for the Taste of the Panhandle are now ready and you can get them for $65.  They go up to $75 on January 1st, so don’t procrastinate.  They also need items for the Silent Auction as well as more sponsors. Contact Pam Wagoner if you have items or want to be a sponsor.  If you are looking for an item to donate, it was suggested that maybe a gift certificate from your favorite restaurant would be appropriate.
The holiday season will soon be upon us.  If you are planning on a special outing (a trip to NYC to see the windows and decorations; going to see the lighting of the national Christmas tree; or going to Oglebay Park in Wheeling for the light show come to mind), try to include Mara, our exchange student from Argentina.
John Overington will be selling tickets at our meeting on the 31st since he didn’t find the Ten of Diamonds.