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Rotary Club of Martinsburg - Martinsburg WV / Grapevine  / May 1, 2014 – Meeting Roundup – Benedum Foundation

May 1, 2014 – Meeting Roundup – Benedum Foundation


The Mission of the Benedum Foundation is to encourage human development in West Virginia and Southwestern Pennsylvania through strategically placed charitable resources.

The following principles guide the Foundation’s grants programs in those regions:

  • To honor Michael and Sarah Benedum’s belief in “helping people help themselves,” and seek opportunities to cultivate the creativity of people and communities.
  • To nurture leadership within the communities it serves, and participate in leadership when it adds value.
  • To encourage planning, projects and programs that cross geographical and political boundaries so that access to services and economic growth is maximized.
  • To expect collaboration among the public, private and nonprofit sectors in order to leverage the resources that each can bring to common concerns.
  • To strive to advance innovative practices that demonstrate measurable and sustainable benefit.
  • To seek projects that contribute to advancement in public policy.

In seeking to achieve their mission and acknowledging lessons learned in over 60 years of grantmaking, the Foundation has identified its role as follows:

The Foundation largely takes on the agenda of the people it serves. Its business is to help people help themselves. This is not intended to suggest that the Foundation’s role is passive. To the contrary, they go out into the field and listen closely. They build strong and supportive relationships with grantees. They provide technical assistance. They broker ideas and institutions. They create partnerships. They undertake analyses of issues and problems and promote public awareness of them. They help to build broad consensus for change. They seek to empower people to develop their own capacity and the capacity of their institutions to succeed. They leverage not only funds but interest, involvement, and commitment.

Kim Tieman, a program officer at Benedum, will discuss the Foundation’s impact in West Virginia, locally and state-wide.


Convention & Visitors Bureau

Laura Gassler, Executive Director of the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Convention and Visitors Bureau, highlighted some of the programs and efforts the CVB is doing.
In past years, the CVB has focused on Pickin’ in the Panhandle. While there was a lot of interest, it just didn’t promote the county very well to visitors, so that is being discontinued. Instead, the CVB is concentrating their efforts on print media, such as the first visitor guide published in five years. They are also putting a lot of effort into print media, most of which we will never see since the focus is on bringing tourists to the area, not impressing locals. Laura told us she bought a $60,000 advertising package for $5,000.
The CVB is starting a docent program to help promote museums such as the Dillon Farm Museum and the new Children’s Museum which would allow these museums to expand their hours. The CVB is also starting a Weird, Wild, and Wonderful contest to help promote the area. I can think of several of our members who are shoo-ins to win this contest. Of course, the CVB is still promoting the Heritage Trail, the bike trail beside Rt. 9, Sleepy Creek, and our Civil War Heritage as well as such events as the recent Chocolate Festival, the wine tasting festival, the Apple Harvest Festival and others.


Answer to last week’s question:
“Club Service” involves actions Rotarians take to help their clubs to function successfully. For example, by being present at its meetings, participating in its fellowship, taking part in its programs, serving on committees and on the board, paying dues, and representing the club in activities outside the club, such as speaking at other Rotary clubs; attending intercity meetings, district assemblies, conferences and leadership forums; and in organizing new Rotary clubs.
This week’s question:
What is the governing body of the individual club?

Our two student guests from Martinsburg High School were Antanya Hardy and Owen Hamilton.
Becky Wright, who does financial work for a non-profit that benefits veterans, was a guest of her neighbor, Marie Keegin. Manuel Washington was the winner of the most guests contest with three—Windra Bowman who is in sales and marketing with ServPro in Winchester; Kandi Olinger who is manager for ServPro of the Panhandle; and Kevin Gilboy who is director of marketing for ServPro. T. J. Roccograndi, who is with Charles Schwab and a huge fan of Max Oates’ radio show, was a guest of Mike Hornby.
This is the final week for contributing clothes (infant through five years old) to be taken to orphans in South Africa. There’s still one more suitcase to be filled. Contact Roy Young (304-263-7870) for a pickup. Thanks to Bill Wortley, Marilyn Schoon, Ross Curtis, and Pam Curtis for acting as mules transporting them.
Robin Zanotti won 50/50, but failed to find the Ten of Diamonds. We’re down to 12 cards with over $500 in the pot. It’s time to start buying multiple tickets to increase your chances.

Herman Dixon

He’s only been a member of our club for a few short years, but his impact has been HUGE! He was able to secure surplus government computers for all the schools in Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan counties. He helped make the Taste of the Panhandle a big success (who can forget Jack Frost). He has contributed at least $1,000 to The Foundation every year. He was even a program for our meeting. And, now, Herman is leaving to retire in Charleston, SC. We’ll miss you, Herman. Come back and visit. There will always be a chair available for you.