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2013-2014 Installation Banquet

This year’s Rotary Club of Martinsburg Installation banquet was a look back at the accomplishments of outgoing President Mike Hornby and a glimpse forward at the future for incoming President Chris Johnson. The new officers installed were:

  • President – Chris Johnson
  • President-Elect – Robin Zanotti
  • Program Chair – Brian Jolliff
  • Secretary – Doug Arndt
  • Treasurer – Mike Hite
  • Sargeant-At-Arms – Ryan Perks

It was an enjoyable night of reflection and celebration for all. See below for a roundup of the awards given out and speeches from our outgoing and incoming presidents.

2013-2014 Rotary Club of Martinsburg Awards

Leadership Award
Pam Wagoner

Youth Service Award 
Tina Combs

International Service Award
The McCune Family

Community Service Award 
Pete Dufourny

Rising Star Award 
Karen Spence

Non-Rotarian of the Year Award 
Kresha Hornby

Club Service Award 
Bill Wortley & Marilyn Schoon

President’s Award
Vickie Elliott

Rotary Club of Martinsburg Year in Review

By Outgoing President Mike Hornby

Wow, I made it! Can you believe it?

A year ago I stood before you and asked each and every one of you to Engage Rotary and Change Lives. As you can see from the slideshow that has been playing, boy did you ever!?

We would be here all night if I tried to list each and every accomplishment we had this past year. Hell, I got nowhere to go and the world revolves around me, so let’s do it. No, just kidding!

  • Let’s talk about lives – You my fellow Rotarians changed at least 16,672 lives this past year. (Don’t ask about the complex mathematical formula I created to come up with that number OR how long it took for me to figure out.)
  • Let’s talk about engagement – Stand up if you gave to the foundation, stand up if you volunteered, stand up if you served on a committee, stand up if you attended a Rotary function – Yes, my fellow Rotarians, YOU ENGAGED ROTARY.
  • Let’s talk about money – You gave $19,463 to the RI Foundation. Our Martinsburg Rotary foundation distributed over $50,000 to local charities. Not to mention the $25,000 our general fund gave to service projects and local organizations.
  • Let’s talk about membership, well I have some bad news – I have failed you as a leader and we have failed as a club. We lost more members than we attained, and like a wise Rotarian said, “A Rotary Club is like a tree; when it stops growing, it is dying.” We as Rotarians have a harsh reality moving forward. Without growth in this membership, we cannot be successful. I challenge each and every one of you to help us grow this club. Don’t get me wrong, the 75 to 85 active Rotarians in this club ore doing amazing things, but in the end if we do not grow, we cannot and will not succeed.

On that note, it has been an honor to serve this club and work with all of you. I thank you for your dedication and participation; plus, putting up with me all year. Above all I thank each and every one of you for changing my life. I know the club is in good hands; otherwise, I would never have relinquished power. I know Chris and her leadership team will continue to move us in the right direction.

Light Up Rotary

by Incoming President Christina Johnson

Don’t you just love this year’s theme?  I’m told that clubs in Colorado especially love the theme this year. (Just joking)

In 2014-15, Gary C.K. Huang, President of Rotary International has asked each of us to “Light Up Rotary” – by sharing our service, strengthening our clubs, and letting our light shine in our communities.

The new class of Presidents for District 7360, have been challenged by District Governor, Jason Piatt to focus on

  • Membership,
  • Service to Our Members and our Community,
  • Growing our Family of Rotary.

As Jason points out, this is “our” Rotary year, not “my” Rotary year. I will also adopt this philosophy this year by saying the same.

Paul Harris once said:

“Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves.”

This is true for Pam Wagoner, and the tremendous results achieved during her Presidency.

This is also true for Mike Hornby, who has set the bar high during his term as President.  I have learned so much from these individuals and have BIG shoes to fill.

I am asking each of you to come alongside me this year to assist in making this the “Best Class” for the year 2014-2015.

In this Rotary year, we will Light Up Rotary by reaching our goal of 1.3 million Rotarians – but to do this, we all have to take part in bringing in new members, while working to keep the members that we have.

To do this, we’ll need to approach membership in new ways, and try new ideas.  It won’t be comfortable for all, but I ask for your support.

We will hold a Rotary Day event to give our community a chance to learn more about Rotary.  Have you thought about asking your spouses to join Rotary?  I encourage you to do so.

We will reach out to new groups through new forms of fun and fellowship (something you asked for in the surveys you completed).

We’ll put Service Above Self by implementing a program called, Random Acts of Service (which includes service to our members as well as to our community).

We’ll also engage the community by partnering with our young business leaders of the Chamber to join us as a Rotary Community Corps.

Youth is the next generation of Rotarians.  We will form a new Interact club at Hedgesville and a Rotaract Club at Blue Ridge CTC.  We will focus again this year on Youth Exchange and programs for strengthening our youth.

We’re truly international. Our club will continue the tradition of participating in a District Project & Global Grant project for Clean Water.

I will also be asking each of you to make a meaningful, personal contribution to the Rotary Foundation.  To make this easier, I will introduce you to Rotary Direct.

We will also “Light Up Rotary” – and make history – by eradicating polio.

In 2014-15 as we strengthen our clubs and “Light Up Rotary” in more than 34,000 communities, our commitment and our service will light up the world.

The vision for Rotary started with one man – the future vision of this organization lies with each of you.