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Rotary Club of Martinsburg - Martinsburg WV / Grapevine  / March 5, 2015 – Meeting Roundup – Eastern Panhandle Care Clinic (CANCELLED)

March 5, 2015 – Meeting Roundup – Eastern Panhandle Care Clinic (CANCELLED)


Imagine being a 26 year old, working at an $8 an hour job and owing $15,000 in medical bills. Or, having diabetes with no health insurance and trying to support a family of four on $24,000 a year. There is no way to pay for medications and healthcare to stay well. It is difficult just to provide food and shelter. These are just two examples of need observed by two nurses working in Eastern Panhandle. Families were burdened by mounting medical expenses they could not pay for. Most were not seeking care until their health situation was in crisis and then the used the emergency room.

Recognizing the need, the nurses, the Eastern Panhandle CARE Clinic (EPCC) began seeing patients one day a week in a space donated by Jefferson Memorial Hospital, completely staffed by volunteers. The number of patients grew quickly and it became necessary to expand to a larger space and to hire staff to supplement the volunteers enabling the clinic to open more hours per week. In 2002, a four year grant from the Robert Wood Johnson enabled the clinic to move to a 2400 sq. ft. facility on Route 51 in Charles Town.

On July 2009, the clinic moved to its current home in Ranson, WV. Our building space has tripled and we are equipped to handle the growing number of patients that are in need of our services. Currently, 17 staff and many volunteers from the community who help us provide comprehensive quality medical care.

This week EPCC Executive Director Michele Goldman BSN,RN will speak with us about the services EPCC provides.


H&R Block Budget Challenge Scholarship

Last week we met three recipients of the H&R Block Budget Challenge Scholarship. Senior Shelbi Fisher and Juniors Sarah Muskett and Taylor Stocks, all students at Musselman High School, have been awarded $20,000 scholarships through the H&R Block Budget Challenge — a teen financial literacy program that rewards high school students and classes for mastering real-world budgeting and personal finance decision-making. Shelbi, Sarah, and Taylor are among 66 winners nationwide and the only winners to date from the state of West Virginia.

The learn-by-doing educational approach of the H&R Block Budget Challenge allows students to experience activities like paying bills, managing expenses, saving money, investing in retirement, paying taxes and more in the safety of a classroom. All participants competed to best manage the same scenario. Each student had to manage a budget based on his or her paycheck, including: rent, renter’s insurance, car loan, car insurance, cell phone, gas & electric utilities, cable, credit card, and student loan. These bills expose students to a wide array of terms and conditions like billing frequency, fees, penalties, and interest rates. Bill amounts are based on national averages.

The program was created to help address the need for more financial education in the classroom. Only 7 percent of high school students are financially literate and fewer than 30 percent of adults report being offered financial education at school or college. The state of West Virginia currently does not require a one-semester course in financial education to graduate.


Answer to last week’s question:

Becoming a member of The Rotary Foundation Bequest Society is a simple process. Membership occurs when an individual or a couple place The Rotary Foundation in their estate plan for a minimum of $10,000 and notify The Foundation. I don’t think any members of our club have done this, but a few members in our district have done so.

This week’s question:

How many of our current members are Paul Harris Fellows. (Hint: you can go to DACdb and find the answer to this question.)

Our two student guests from Musselman High School were Elizabeth Ridgeway and Ryan Matthews.

Amy Castle, Marketing & Admission Director at Heartland of Martinsburg and part of Leadership Berkeley County’s Class of 5015, was back as a guest of President Chris. Amanda Vance brought her sister, Alyssa Hurst, who is a manager at Flying J in Winchester. Andrew Powaski, General Manager of WEPM and its associated stations, was back as a guest of Elaine Bartoldson. Art Thomm brought Jamie Pitts who is a Canadian who recently moved to Martinsburg and works for Manpower.

The 2015 Conference of Rotary District 7360 will take place at the Radisson Hotel Harrisburg, located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, on May 1-3. Featured speaker will be Cal Ripken, so you Oriole fans (Tina Combs, et al, you know who you are) might have an extra incentive to attend. Check with President Chris or go to to register.

Rotary Days will be featured at the Home Show March 13-15 at the Martinsburg Mall. Pam Wagoner is still looking for volunteers. This is simply and opportunity for area Rotarians to let the public know what we do.

The Health Festival will be April 11th. Volunteers and participants are needed. This bargain blood testing program will take place from 6-10am.

We welcomed three new members to our club. Trent Sherman, Tim Harrison, and Kevin Starliper attended new member orientation and are now officially club members. Congratulations! Now be sure to volunteer.

Foster Sirbaugh tried his luck at finding the King of Hearts, but failed. There are 46 cards left and the pot is over $125. Foster, or his designated hitter Vickie Elliot, will sell tickets this week.