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Rotary Club of Martinsburg - Martinsburg WV / Grapevine  / March 27, 2014 – Meeting Roundup – Club Assembly

March 27, 2014 – Meeting Roundup – Club Assembly


The good news is that we are meeting at the Purple Iris and will have desserts! And there really isn’t any bad news. We will be having one of our quarterly club assemblies.

A club assembly, as defined by Rotary International, is a meeting of the officers, directors, and committee chairmen of a club to coordinate and develop the program of Rotary within the club. Our club expands it to include all of our members. On July 3rd, President Mike presented his plan for this Rotary year.

  • His first goal is to bring in at least 12 new members. Of course this means that our present members need to bring people to the meeting that they think will make good members.
  • Second on the list is that 100% of our members serve on a committee. This should be easy enough as there are 26 committees listed on our DaCDB page and run from 4-Way Speech to Youth Exchange.
  • Third is raising $14,000 for the Rotary Foundation. We raised more than that this year, so that’s not and overly-ambitious goal.
  • Fourth is raising $2,500 for water purification systems in third world countries. This is a humanitarian project and that’s what Rotary is about.
  • Fifth is identifying 10 local charities for matching grants from Rotary. Obviously, there are many charities in Berkeley County so this should not be a challenge.
  • Sixth is organizing a mixer with the other 4 clubs in the Eastern Panhandle which will give us all a chance to know each other, exchange ideas, and organize projects we can all participate in.
  • Seventh is identifying our own international project and doing it. The only international project we have is the World Affairs Seminar for high school students.
  • Eighth is chartering an Interact club at the new Spring Mills High School. We have an in there as the advisor from Musselman will be teaching there this year.

This is your opportunity to find out how well we have done as a club and what we have left to do. We will also hear from the chairs of the various sub-committees. Among those are the Memorial Day PolioPlus Pancake Breakfast, Buddy Ring Golf Tournament, Foundation, Membership and Retention, Programs, and Membership Roster. There are several other committees that we will hear from also. If you are not on the board of directors, this is probably your greatest chance of providing input. Perhaps you have an idea of how to improve the golf tournament. You might have some input to provide on the Taste of the Panhandle fundraiser. You might have an objection to the way something is being done. Maybe you would just like to be able to participate.


Girl Scouts

When someone mentions Girl Scouts, many people immediately think cookies. And, selling cookies is a part of being a Girl Scout. However, scouting is much, much more than that. The Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital is headquartered in Washington, DC with satellite offices in Frederick and Waldorf, Maryland; Lorton, Leesburg and Manassas, Virginia; and Martinsburg, West Virginia. GSCNC employs 115 full-time employees. The 2008 Operating Budget was $12,050,000. As of the 2013 membership year, membership for the Council is over 90,000, including 69,000 girls and 27,000 adult volunteers. The Eastern Panhandle has 1,754 Girl Scouts.


Answer to last week’s question:
The district conference will be held April 25-27 at the Lehigh Valley Holiday Inn, five miles from downtown Allentown, PA. President Mike can give you more details if you want to go.
This week’s question:
Why go to the district conference?  

Our two student guests from Hedgesville High School were Madalyn Laughlin and Brenna Haught.
Jim Whitacre from the Sunrise club, and Kenneth Mann from the Shepherdstown club, were our two visiting Rotarians.
Gary Kelley won the prize for the most guests with three—Ken Reed, pharmacist/owner of Reed’s Pharmacy and candidate for congress; Tally Reed, wife of Ken; and Selina Meehleib, premed student at Shepherd University. Tom Geiermann came in second with two guests—Ashleigh Palmer, a TSgt at the 167 ANG wing; and Ron Glazer, a CMSgt and Wing Command Chief with the 167th. TJ Roccograndi, with Charles Schwab in Hagerstown, was a guest of Mike Hornby. Joanne Young was back with her husband, Roy.
The 29th annual Community Wellness Screening will be April 12th from 6am to 10am at the Dorothy McCormack Center. The cost is a bargain at $40 and the men can get an optional PSA test for $35. Call 304-264-1232 for questions or to register. Last year we only had 40 participants. We are up to 200 this year, but still have room for more. Be sure to tell friends and acquaintances about this terrific program.
April is Bring a Guest for Free month. If you know any good prospects for joining our club, invite them to a meeting.
On June 13th we will have a “Pick Your Own Charity Luau” at the Purple Iris from 6-9pm. It will feature Polynesian dancers and a fire show. Cost is $55 per adult and $25 per child. It will sell out fast, so get your tickets now.
We are just $4,000 short of making our goal for the Rotary Foundation. Make your contribution now so President Mike and the club can make our goal of $14,750. If each member contributes $50, we will make it.
Buzz Poland won 50/50, but despite his best football pose, which will not be an inspiration for the Heisman Trophy, he failed to find the Ten of Diamonds and will sell tickets this week.