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Rotary Club of Martinsburg - Martinsburg WV / Grapevine  / June 20, 2013 – Meeting Roundup

June 20, 2013 – Meeting Roundup

This week's program will feature Herman Dixon, last year’s Rotarian of the Year. Herman is an inspired member of our club – there is no volunteer job that he isn’t willing to undertake, and he does his volunteering very successfully. In the few short years he has been a member of our club, he has chaired the Taste of the Panhandle, the Exchange Student committee, and been a major part of The Foundation committee.   If you go to our website, Herman serving pancakes is the first picture you see.
Rotary is not the only organization who has benefited from Herman’s volunteerism. In 2012, Herman received GAMA International's Cy Pick Award,  presented to a single individual who has a long and distinguished history of volunteer contributions to GAMA, often behind the scenes. A member of GAMA International since 2002, Dixon has assumed nearly every volunteer role possible. He hasbeen a member of numerous GAMA committees– Awards, Volunteer, Professional Development and Membership, serving as chair of the latter for three years. He was a member of the GAMA International Board of Directors from 2006 to 2010. He also helped put together and then led the association’s Multiline Taskforce, which has greatly expanded the association’s multiline membership base.
Dixon has been with State Farm Insurance Companies for 28 years (he recently retired). He became an agent in North Carolina in March 1984, and in less than four years, was promoted to agency manager, based in 
Northern Virginia. He became a senior agency field consultant in 1995, handling both Maryland and West Virginia. Two years later, he was promoted to agency field executive and is now based in Martinsburg, WV. In addition to being active in GAMA, NAIFA and other industry associations, Dixon has been heavily involved in Rotary Club (for 35 years) and other community organizations and activities.
Herman’s topic this week is The 10 Keys to Living Life Abundantly.

Installation Dinner

Last week, Mike Hornby was installed as president, Pam Wagoner became Rotarian of the Year, and we  got five new Paul Harris Fellows including Pam, who was recognized for her service as president.  All of 
that happened in one short, but eventful, evening. One very successful year was ended while a new very successful year begins.


Answer to last week’s question:
Barbara Pichot has the distinction of being our first female president.  She served as president in 2000-2001.  You can find the answers to this type of question at the club website which is  You also can find it in your roster book.
This week’s question:
Who was the first female district governor in District 7350, our old district?
It is still not too late to make a contribution to The Rotary Foundation and see what Ross Curtis looks like under his beard.  We are over 60% participation and Ross said he would shave if we hit 80%.  Even if you give as little as a dollar, it will count as participation.  You probably have that much money under the seat cushions on your sofa.
If you read the emails I sent last week, you know that we really needed a host family for our incoming exchange student, and now we have one for the first half of her year.  However, we still need a host family for the second half. If you would like to host her, or if you know someone who would, please let Buzz Poland know so he can sit back and relax for the rest of the year.
Steve Christian, chair of the Buddy Ring Golf Tournament, announced that the tournament will be August 26th with a picnic following.  Mike Hite is in charge of the picnic.  More details will follow.
Over the years that I have been a member, we have had a few great presidents and several who weren’t so great. If you want to be a great president, then you need to immerse yourself in Rotary and in the community.  This means that you should go to the District Assembly, PETS, and the District Conference.  You probably should do that at least a couple of times.  This is the way you learn about the district as well as glean ideas from other clubs.  You have to learn about our membership and try to get everyone to help (realistically, our club has 35-50 members who pitch in and help while the rest either eat and run or only participate by paying dues).   You have to look at the community and see where the needs are.  You need to be innovative.  You have to keep the successful events going while trying a couple of things that haven’t been done before.  You have to lead by example.  Pam Wagoner accomplished all of the above and I salute her for a job well done. I think we will see the same performance from Mike Hornby.
Tom Belfield will sell 50/50 tickets.