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June 19, 2014 – Installation Banquet


It’s time for the annual changing of the guard. Contrary to rumors, Mike Hornby has not tried to have a coup and become president-for-life (although I’m pretty sure the thought crossed his mind). So now it’s time for Chris Johnson to put her stamp on our club.

It’s been very interesting, and nice, having two very active presidents in a row. The club has accomplished so much in the past two years under Pam Wagoner and Mike Hornby. There is every reason to believe that Chris Johnson will extend that streak to a three-peat. She has the opportunity to extend the many good things that her predecessors have done as well as start of few pet projects of her own. One area that we have not done well is membership even though both Pam and Mike tried. We have actually lost 15 members over the past two years, so there’s an area Chris can immediately address.

The Installation Banquet is at the Holiday Inn this Thursday and starts with a cash bar cocktail reception at 6pm followed by dinner at 6:30. For the Paul Harris Fellows, there is a special reception honoring your commitment to the Rotary International Foundation. You and a guest are invited to an exclusive reception that begins at 5pm in the Blue Ridge Ballroom that features Hors D’oeuvres and an open bar.

This will be Immediate Past President Mike’s opportunity to thank all those who helped make his Rotary year so successful as well as list the club’s accomplishment during his year. President Chris will have the chance to talk about her hopes and aspirations for the club as well as how she hopes to accomplish them. We will also install Robin Zanotti as President-elect; Brian Jolliff as Vice President/Program Chair; Doug Arndt as Secretary; Mike Hite as Treasurer; and Ryan Perks as Sergeant-at-Arms.

There will be no noon meeting Thursday.

Dr. John Casuccio

JCMDDr. John Casuccio, Assistant Professor, Surgery, West Virginia University School of Medicine, spoke to us about the two areas of plastic surgery—cosmetic and reconstructive. He told us reconstructive is the most gratifying, but cosmetic pays the rent.
Two big areas of reconstructive are birth defects, primarily cleft palates; and breast after mastectomies. The breast reconstruction was not paid for by insurance until 1997 when Congress mandated, justifiably so, that it be covered. The cleft palate reconstruction not only can alter appearance, it can be a life saver as it is hard to breathe and eat with this defect.
One only has to look to Hollywood to see what cosmetic surgeries to—nose jobs, complexion altering, lip enhancement, breast augmentation, and liposuction are but a few things that are done for vanity.


Rotary1314LogoAnswer to last week’s question:
THE ROTARIAN, a monthly magazine whose editorial and business offices are in Evanston, IL, is the official magazine of Rotary International. Every club member should be receiving this magazine as part of their membership.
This week’s question:
What are the public relations objectives of a Rotary club?

Isabella Martens, Director of Student Services at the International Beauty School and a graduate of Shepherd University Nursing School, was a guest of Mike Hornby. Mike also brought Jorgina Andrawos, CEO of West Virginia Training Services, LLC. Lois Burdette was back as a guest of her husband, Page.
We have two new board members—Manuel Washington and Elaine Bartoldson. They are replacing, if that’s possible, Herman Dixon and Jodi Frankenberry.
From what I saw on Facebook, the Luau was a huge success. (Click here for photos!) I’m not sure if I was prepared for the sight of President Mike doing the Hula, but it looked like everyone was having a blast. Thanks goes to all the committee members who worked hard at making it a success as well as Pete Dufourny who spent the day roasting the pig.
PP Wayne Lancaster suffered a stroke in December and is now home recuperating. He is up and moving about, but is still having problems with his speech. If you would like to send him a card, send it to: J. Wayne Lancaster, 438 Sycamore Lane, Martinsburg, WV 25401. I’m sure all cards a letters would be welcomed.
Attention Paul Harris Fellows! Be sure to wear your medallion to the Paul Harris Fellows reception this week as well as the Installation Banquet. You all deserve the recognition that the medallion represents. If you can’t find your medallion, then wear your lapel pin.
If you want an eye-opener, go to and either log in or sign up to see My Rotary. All the goals, achievements, etc. of the club are shown as well as the results. For instance, it shows we met 92% of the club goals for the year.
Kevin Knowles, in one of his final acts as program chair, won 50/50, but failed to draw the Eight of Diamonds. Instead, he’ll arrange for someone to sell tickets this week.