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July 25, 2013 – Meeting Roundup

Redskins AlumniHail to the Redskins! Hail Victory!

Braves on the Warpath! Fight for old D.C.!

Run or pass and score — we want a lot more!

Beat 'em, Swamp 'em, Touchdown! — Let the points soar!

Fight on, fight on 'Til you have won

Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!

Hail to the Redskins! Hail Victory!

Braves on the Warpath! Fight for old D.C.!

Any Redskins fan (and how can you be anything else?) knows the words to that song by heart. The only thing more fun than rooting for the Redskins is rooting against the evil Cowboys. Well, even football careers come to an end, some quicker than others. What happens to these players after they retire? This week’s speaker, Washington Redskins Alumni Executive Director Jerry Olsen, helps keep these players and the Redskins in the public eye. The nonprofit organization consists of former players living in the metropolitan Washington and northern Virginia area that volunteer their time to help raise money for worthy causes. Fans get a chance to meet such former greats as Mark Mosley, Ron Saul, Roy Jefferson and Ron McDole as well as former team trainer Bubba Tyer. They can talk to them, ask them questions, and get autographs.

Jerry is a local resident and Berkeley Senior Services board member. His job is coordinating charitable events and charity golf tournaments with other corporations as co-sponsors. 

19 Years Later

It was a lot of fun last week hearing from Matt Kradel, who was an exchange student, who we sent to Spain in 1994.

Matt started his program by pulling out a slide tray that he used when he first told us about his trip right after he got back. He then cranked up the PowerPoint and presented it in the digital manner. He said the year he spent in Spain totally changed his life. He left Martinsburg as a new graduate of Martinsburg High who could not speak Spanish and had never gone on such an adventure by himself. Somehow he was able to use his translator book and get on a train in Spain that took him to his destination. His year there taught him to be outgoing and to work hard as he learned the language and the customs. Later, when he was in college, he went back to Spain for a summer. During that time he got to go to a bull fighting school where he actually went into the ring and fought a young bull. The bull doesn’t always lose, as shown by the picture of Matt with his feet up in the air. Matt is now married with two sons and works for My Bank! First United Trust and Investments as a financial advisor.


Answer to last week’s question:

According to the sheet President Mike handed out, there are four main committees with 29 subcommittees. With that many to choose from, there is no excuse for not becoming a member of at least one.
This week’s question:
We are meeting again at the Purple Iris. Why do we periodically change our meeting place?


We had two visiting Rotarians—our speaker, Matt Kradel is a member of the Sunrise club; and Marie Keegin was back again as a visiting Rotarian from the Frederick, MD club.

Brian Joliff may as well submit the name of his son, Joshua (age 7) for membership as he has been Brian’s guest all month. Lauren Olan, a third year law student at New York Law School who is working at Heather Myers’ law office, was a guest of Heather. Pat Woodson brought Cheryl Snyder Reid, a world geography teacher at Spring Mills Middle School. Eric Butler, a realtor and also co-owner of Atlantic Protel, was a guest of Mike Hornby. Mike also brought Melissa Connor who works for Integrity Home Mortgage. Chris Stroevel, Eastern Panhandle Field Representative for Congresswoman Capito, was a guest of Stephen Christian.

The Mega Food Drive begins now. Most non-perishables are okay except canned corn or peas. Canned goods are preferred over glass jars.

Four of the shelter boxes we donated are now in Lebanon helping refugees from Syria. It’s great to see our contribution at work.

Berniece Collis still can use a couple of volunteers for the 8-11 shift at the Youth Fair August 10th.

Rich and Judy McCune are hosting our exchange student, Mora Pilar Garay of Argentina, the first half of the year, but we need another family for the second half. Contact Buzz Poland or Herman Dixon if you, or someone you know, can help.

The golf tournament is set for August 26th at the Woods. There is a shotgun start at noon with a picnic at 5pm which is open to all members.

October is Vocational Month and Herman Dixon has already arranged a meeting at Quad Graphics on the 24th.

Jay Rutkowski will sell 50/50 tickets this week.