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Rotary Club of Martinsburg - Martinsburg WV / Grapevine  / Grapevine – March 24, 2020
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Grapevine – March 24, 2020

Meetings have been canceled until April 2 due to the novel coronavirus. This will be evaluated again early next week. A note from our Club President:

“We are glad everyone has endured the pandemic thus far and hope that the good health of our members and their families continues. Please continue to be vigilant and adhere to the recommendations of the CDC to contain and reduce the spread of COVID-19 as well as other strains of the flu that we often suffer from during this season. I am looking forward to getting together, one Thursday in the near future.”

The Martinsburg Rotary Club,


Last week – How fun was our last meeting? Tony Martirano, Tony M. Music and Arts Foundation.

Coming up:

  • April 2 TBD
  • April 9 Tony Zelenka, CEO, Berkeley Medical Center
  • April 16 Robin Zanotti, C&O Canal Trust (meeting at the Purple Iris)
  • April 23 John Taylor, Rotary Cluster Group Clean Water Project
  • April 30 Club Assembly


  • Kim Lanager – March 15
  • Vonda Miller – March 21
  • Tiffany Arnett – March 29
  • Terry Chambers – April 2

Wedding Anniversaries:

  • Joe and Susan Brookreson – March 25 for 50 years
  • Ross and Pam Curtis – March 27 for 55 years
  • Ernie and Carolyn Weidman – March 31 for 58 years

Member Anniversaries:

  • Brad Janes – 4 years
  • Lori Taylor – 3 years
  • Maria Lorensen – 23 years

Club Announcements:

  • From Judge Bridget Cohee: The Juvenile Drug Court is running low on $5 and $10 gift cards for incentives to the participants when they have a good week. A good week means clean screens, completing school assignments, individual and family therapy, court and probation check-in. Fast food gift cards of $5 and $10 are so beneficial to the kids. We are still doing our weekly hearings during the school outage. We are doing them by conference call. You can drop off the gift cards in an envelope to Leslie Crabill at BCT in Martinsburg. Thank you so much!
  • There will be a Club Mixer hosted by Michelle Sadat at Advocate Insurance on April 30.
  • The Wellness Screening scheduled for April 18, 2020 will be canceled at this time. WVU Medicine will assess re-scheduling at a later date.
  • The Board passed a sliding scale of dues for corporate members starting at $600 per year.
  • Derby Days will be held on May 2.
  • Rotary Golf tournament will be held Monday, July 27 at The Woods.