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Rotary Club of Martinsburg - Martinsburg WV / Grapevine  / Grapevine – February 4, 2020
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Grapevine – February 4, 2020


Last week – A Club Assembly was held. Some key points:

  • Treasurer Pete Dufourny indicated we have $14,473 in the bank and all is well.
  • President Steve said he used President’s Discretionary Funds to give $500 to support the Girl Scouts’ Women of Distinction event and the Boy Scouts’ Distinguished Citizen event. Gordon Gee will speak at the Boy Scout event and Rick Pill will be recognized.
  • The Installation Dinner will be June 25 at the Purple Iris.
  • The Rotary Club of Hagerstown’s Bull & Oyster Roast will be March 1.
  • The District Conference will be in Gettysburg in April.
  • Pam Curtis and Marilyn Schoon will organize meals for the Juvenile Drug Court.
  • Jonathan Agee will chair the Pancake Breakfast on Memorial Day.
  • Denise Phelps reported on Membership:
    • Megan Simms hosted a very nice membership mixer.
    • They have received a 40 percent return rate on the membership survey. They’d like a few more responses, please.
  • Doug Frye reported on International Service.
    1. The Bartoldsons were the first host family for Fer. She is now with Teresa and Jim Scott in Shepherdstown but is still attending Martinsburg High School.
    2. If we are to take an exchange student next year we will need a couple host families to step forward.
  • We are discussing helping the Sunrise Club with their Read Aloud program.
  • Mike Hornby and Leslie Crabill are leading the Taste of the Panhandle. It will be in May.
  • Berniece Collis reported:
    1. The Blue Ridge Community and Technical College’s Rotaract Club is re-forming with a meeting on February 19.
    2. The Four Way Speech Contest will be February 27.
  • The Rotary Foundation – we are half way toward our $15,000 goal.

This Week: Mary Gunderson King, Immanuel House

February 13 Charlotte Norris, Restoration of a local African-American Cemetery

February 20 David Welch, The Bonnie and Bill Stubblefield Institute for Civil Political Communications

February 27 Mark Baldwin, Martinsburg City Manager