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December 12, 2013 – Meeting Roundup

Credit to Alabaster-Pelham Rotary Club for the Image

Three snows in one week and Christmas carols on the radio have probably gotten you in the holiday spirits. This week there is another event that should bolster that holiday spirit even more. Our club is having its annual Christmas party. So put your glad rags on, get out that gaudy Christmas tie, and prepare to have an evening of good company and some fine entertainment.

The festivities begin at 5:30 with an attitude adjustment time. The first two drinks are on the club, the rest are on your tab. If you end up buying drinks, make sure you have a designated driver as Kenny Lemaster’s deputies are out in full force during the holiday season and they really don’t want to do the paperwork involved with a DUI.
Alas, the ugly sweater contest was retired after Steve Roach won two years ago. After seeing how ugly a sweater can be, the club has decided to let Steve retire as the sole trophy winner.

We are going to have a rare treat for our entertainment. The Blue and Gray Chorus will sing Christmas carols acapella. The group consists of four Rotarians—Ross Curtis, Joe Brookreson, Jay Rutkowski, and Ed Arnett. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor started by me that Doug Arndt was going to make his solo debut. Perhaps soon, though. The meal will be served at 6:30. I don’t have this year’s menu, but last year we had Chef-Carved Top Round of Beef, Salmon in Pesto Cream Sauce, Scalloped Potatoes, Steamed Snow Peas, Two Salads – Baby Spinach Salad with warm bacon vinaigrette, and Fresh Salad Greens served with choice of fresh strawberries, blueberries and nuts on the side (two choices of dressings), rolls and butter, assorted dessert station, coffee, tea, decaffeinated coffee, water. Last year there was a vegetarian offering, so I assume there will be one this year. Let Mike Hornby or Kevin Knowles know if you want one. I am certain that whatever the menu is, it will be delicious. Plus, I am positive there will be desserts. One nice feature of the Christmas party is that it won’t be filled with a lot of announcements and requests. There will be a 50/50 drawing, so buy multiple tickets because the pot is getting larger while the deck is shrinking. If you draw the Ten of Diamonds, it can go a long way towards paying for the Christmas presents you’ve bought. So, come out Thursday night for an evening of great food and even greater company.

There will not be a noon meeting, but if I remember, I’ll send out a reminder on Thursday about that.

Credit to Wheaton Rotary Club for the image

Water Project

PDG Mike Nailor talked to us about the Ecuador Water Project. It is funding the filtration and cleaning of water for three schools and their surrounding communities north of the capital, Quito, through a Global Grant. Rotary International has eliminated the Matching Grants program in favor of the Global Grants. Global Grants are larger ($30,000 or more) so that the grants awarded have a bigger impact. They have to be sustainable and must have measurable outcomes. They must be sponsored by one club and administered by another club in the district they benefit. The Water Project met all these criteria.
At the conclusion of the meeting, our club and the Sunrise club each presented Mike with a check for $2,500 showing our commitment to the project.


Answer to last week’s question:
According to our Roster Book, there are nine members who joined our club before me—Wayne Lancaster, John Lucas, Rich McCune, John Miller, Buzz Poland (he proposed me for membership), George Ponton, Walt Ridenour, Doug Roach, and Jim Seibert. Lacy Rice is listed on DACdb as an Honorary Member. Other members, such as Herman Dixon and Pete Mulford, have been Rotarians longer than I have, but not as continuous members of our club.
This week’s question:
The women in our club are one of our club’s biggest assets. When were women first admitted into Rotary?  

Our lone guest was Lisa Bivens, President of the Martinsburg/Sunrise club.
Our two student guests from Hedgesville High School were Anthony Carter and Kody Hinzman.
Mark Your Calendars: There will NOT be a meeting on December 26th. All our members will be busy returning the gifts that didn’t fit or they didn’t like.
The annual Breakfast with Santa was a huge success! Breakfast was served to 100 people. A big congratulations foes to Penny Porter and her committee for all the hard work they did preparing for it. Also, Santa (Kevin Knowles) deserves a big hand for the job he did.
If you did not get your Angel gift to the Salvation Army in time, the time to drop off gifts has been extended to Tuesday, December 17th. You can drop the gift off in the Salvation Army box at the Mall. I believe it is located near the old Mountain State University site there. President Mike also said he would be glad to drop it off for you, so you can contact him.
Sandra Hamilton has been proposed by Steve Christian for membership. If there are no written objections, she will become a member of our club this week.
There are still a few Andy & Elmer’s Apple Dumpling Adventure coloring books available as well as some of the hard backs. Contact Vickie Elliott if you want one of these excellent Christmas gifts for your children or grandchildren (or nephews or nieces, for that matter).
There is not a noon meeting this week since we are having the Christmas party that evening.
Maria Lorensen won 50/50, but did not draw the Ten of Diamonds. She will sell tickets this week.