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As a Rotarian in this District, you may review and update your own record for Personal & Contact Information. Here is how you do it: Click on the following link to navigate to the District and Club Database – DaCDb or look under "Our Members" on the club website and click on "Online Member Directory". Sign on by using your E-mail address as the Userid, and your RI Member ID as your Password. (Your RI Member ID is on your monthly ROTARIAN magazine just above your Name, or you can get it from your club secretary). Click on VIEW My DATA (under the MEMBER tab), and then you may EDIT/change "your information", including the UserID and Password to values of your choice. This database is the central reservoir of district information, and whenever a change is made to club information or to a member's email address, phone number, etc. that change is automatically reflected throughout in historical, club, and/or committee references. Once we have entered all the information about ourselves, this database will help in the following ways:

  •  Reviewing information about those who have served on committees in the past.
  •  Compiling names and addresses of current committee members.
  •  Sending Personalized E-mails to club and committees members
  •  Looking for special contacts, such as Alumni of The Rotary Foundation that live in our district (who are potential new Rotarians, so ASK them to join your club).