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August 22, 2013 – Meeting Roundup

This year the Berkeley County football scene is totally different from last year’s. For the first time in four decades, Denny Price will not be coaching the Musselman Applemen. He retired and has been replaced, if that’s possible, by Craig Whitmore. With that retirement, Martinsburg’s David Walker has moved up to be dean of the Berkeley County football coaches.
smhs-logo[1]One of the more interesting schools to watch will be Spring Mills High School, Berkeley County’s newest high school. So far its football team is undefeated and has never been scored on. Of course, it hasn’t played a game, either. Coach Derek Munson has a gorgeous new stadium to play in with his team that will have no seniors this year. He will begin building what will hopefully be a winning tradition with students who have transferred from Martinsburg High and Hedgesville High.
200px-Crest3musselman[1]Coach Whitmore will attempt to fill some huge shoes when he takes the Musselman team on the field as the first coach since 1973 not to be named Denny Price. In his final season last year, Price took the team to an 8-4 record with a playoff appearance where they lost to eventual West Virginia AAA champion Martinsburg. Coach Price gave Musselman three championships during his 39 years, a legacy that Coach Whitmore hopes to emulate.
eagles_hedgesville_boys_varsity_baseball_spring_12-13[1]Hedgesville had a season to forget last year going 3-8 and losing to both County rivals badly. Coach Rich Thomaselli knew that Hedgesville has not been a football school, but he’s determined to change that. The more he sells the students on football, the greater the future success. He shouldn’t have a problem doing that as his enthusiasm is contagious. Look for the Eagles to improve this year.
package1320550690361[1]And, finally, there is Martinsburg High School. Martinsburg became only the second team to win the West Virginia AAA championship three years in a row. Coach Dave Walker has turned the school into a powerhouse that the other AAA schools are afraid to play. They only lost one game last year and that was to AAAA Westminster, MD on their home field (an interesting side note is that Westminster will not come to Martinsburg for a return game). Martinsburg went on to win the state AAA championship with a 38-14 victory over previously undefeated Cabell-Midland. Now the question is whether Martinsburg can become the first team to win the championship four times.
All you fans of high school football will find this week’s meeting a must. Come on out and hear what the two new coaches and the two veteran coaches have to say as they gear up for the upcoming season.

Club Assembly

The club assembly provided a lot to absorb. There were two new projects, a donation, and lots of information.
The first new project, headed by Vickie Elliott, is the Andy & Elmer’s Apple Dumpling Adventure Rotary Literacy Project centered on a children’s book that is designed to promote the Four-Way Test. We will provide a hardback book to all the school libraries (cost is $20) and the Rotarian who donates it will read it to all that school’s second graders. We will also give each second grader a coloring book (two for $5) to take home. Several Rotarians have already donated the money for the books.
The other new project is the Little Library project headed by Herman Dixon. Five of these Little Libraries, which hold 30-50 books, will be erected in parts of Berkeley County without easy access to books. People may borrow and leave books on the honor system.
Finally, the club donated a defibrillator to the Holiday Inn after witnessing Larry Pitzer suffering a heart attack.


Answer to last week’s question:
The district conference is being held April 25-27 at the Lehigh Valley Holiday Inn in the Poconos. A registration form is already available on the district web site (
This week’s question:
What is meant by Vocational Service?​ 

It was nice to see Anita Cooper back at the meeting with her father, Walt Ridenour. Karen Spence, manager of Johnnies Express, was back as a guest of Tina Combs.
Speaking of Karen Spence, she has been nominated by Tina for membership and will become a member of the club this Thursday if there are no written objections.
Kathy Mason can still use a couple of volunteers for the Day of Caring. We will be painting at CCAP on September 10th.
The Martinsburg/Sunrise is holding a Crab Fest September 5th from 5pm-8:30 at 3829 Winchester Ave (Jim Whitacre’s farm next to the Air Guard entrance). Cost is $40 for adults and $20 for children. Live music is provided by Drew Stevyn’s and all proceeds go to Clean Water for Ecuadorian Children.
Labor Day is this weekend and there is no better way to celebrate than by starting the day with either a steak and egg, or county ham and egg breakfast at War Memorial Park. Tickets are only $25 in advance and can be purchased from a number of people and locations including Patterson’s Drug Store. You’ll have to pay more ($30) if you wait to get a ticket at the gate.
This is the last week to bring food for the United Way’s Mega Food drive. I’m not sure where we stand in the friendly competition with the other area Rotary clubs, but we were trailing the Sunrise club. We have over twice as many members, so we should have donated twice as much food.
The Shenandoah Area Council, Boy Scouts of America is accepting nominations for the Distinguished Citizen of the Year through Saturday. Contact Doug Bard if you know someone who might be a good candidate.
Just for giggles, Doug Arndt is actually keeping the Ten of Diamonds in the deck. It didn’t help Bill Yearout, though, as he failed to draw it. The pot is rapidly growing as the deck is shrinking. Bill will be happy to sell you the potential winning ticket or tickets this week.